Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Master of the web part II - Livebinders

This next "bundling tool" is a classic in the frugal world of ed tech.  Many of you have seen and or used it before, but no collection of web bundlers would be complete without a mention of Livebinders.  Livebinders is an ideal tool for bundling websites, videos, and documents into one safe, and easy to use website. One very cool feature about live binders is the ability to add editable pages right into the binder using a simple wysiwyg editor.

While I am sure most 21st century teachers know about and/or use Livebinders, I thought I would offer my own tips on the product.

  • Don't fear the "subtab."  Organize your tabs into main ideas and then add content using the subtab.  Do not get crazy with the subtab though.  I have seen quite a few binders with dozens of subtabs per topic.  Limit yourself to a half dozen or less per tab.  Who says you cant make additional Binders?
  • Uploading files (word documents, pdf's etc) is a great way to get specific content on a binder.  Unfortunately, office documents will only be viewable in Internet Explorer.  Consider IE is EVIL, I suggest converting all word documents to pdf and then upload them.  All modern browsers will permit full screen pdf viewing in binder tabs.  
  • Uploading copy-written materials?  Keep yourself safe by adding a password to the binder so only your students can access the content.  See downstream controls in the Teach Act.
  • Search other users Public Binders, copy them where applicable (be sure to give attribution), and modify them to fit your needs.

Finally, feel free to use/remix my one page Livebinders handout (updated 3-8-12) that I use to introduce teachers and students to this tool.

 photo credit: SoulRider.222 via photopin cc


Sieng Chong Ling said...

Jason, you made great observations and shared practical tips there! One can use embedit (http://embedit.in/) to upload Word, Excel and open Office documents and view them in LiveBinder.

Jason Mammano said...

I have used embedit.in before and it is a great product. Thank you.


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