Monday, January 9, 2012

Master of the web

How many times have you planned an amazing lesson that required your students to visit a series of websites (a' la webquest) and had it fail miserably?   How do I know that it failed?  We often set our students up for failure when we do not give them enough structure.   "Structure" can be a bad word in the discovery learning world of education that we live in, but without a trail to follow, your students will never get to the desired outcome.

Good news. The world of web 2.0 comes to the rescue with so many great tools (too many to actually list).  The idea is to construct your own "web tour" with various online tools.  You essentially bundle together a number of websites, online videos, etc, into one organized project.  Gone is the day of the paper handout with a list of URL's.  One simple, shortened URL is all that stands between your students and the material you have bundled together for them.

This is the the first post in a series where I will feature a different "bundling tool."  each of the posts will have the tag "bundle" and will provide all the resources you will need to implement that particular tool in your class. is my new favorite bundling tool.  It is simple and gets right to the point.  Just add a website, and video urls to a list and "stitches" them together in one nice little webtour.  Best part?  You can add annotations to each page. Annotations in the word of education = Directions.

Tip: Want to add accountability and assessment to your article bundle?  Consider embedding a Google Form at the end (I will post directions later for those in need).  Combined with, the quiz will grade itself!

photo credit: Eastern Arizona College via photopin cc

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