Thursday, February 9, 2012

Google Earth Plugin Perfection

Google Earth is an incredible teaching an learning tool, but it is a full on program with more functionally than the average classroom will every use.  In addition, it is resource intensive and will not run well on older machines. Enter the Google Earth Plug-in for most modern browsers (Chrome recommended).  Until recently, I personally disregarded this plug-in as a "fancy google map" because it lacks the on the fly switching of layers that are present in the full version

Enter, the brain child of high school geography teacher Josh Williams.  Mr. Williams has created quite the impressive teaching and learning tool.  His site gives the user the ability to choose either viewing a single or double instance of earth on one page.  Additionally, having the ability to access a variety of educationally relevant layers, all with in a few clicks is pure brilliance.

Thanks to Richard Byrne for introducing me to this site.

I have included a very short video overview of the tool below.

*Click the monitor icon in the lower right corner of the video to view the video in full screen.

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