Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Batch Download Pictures for School Projects

We use digital pictures everyday in the classroom.  From teacher made instructional materials, to student projects, digital pictures are a must.  Most students and educators get their digital image fix from Google Images.  The problem with this method is copyright.  While you can take the extra step and complete an advanced Google image search  (see the last setting)  and have it only return images that are prelicenced for reuse,  few actually do this. Either way, you still can only download those images one at a time.  There has to be a better way.

What if a tool exised that let BATCH DOWNLOAD whole collections of copyright friendly images from the webs largest image repositories.  Go ahead and pinch yourself because a number of these tools exist and are fairly simple to use.

Here are two to get you started


1. Downloading from flickr using an new AdobeAir tool, Bulker is much simpler. Please see the video overview of the product below.

Google Picasa Web Albums

1.  Conduct a key word search from Google's Public web albums

*When the results return, modify them to display only Creative Commons licensed content.

2. Enter the user name and album name in the fields of the Picasa Album Downloader and download.  *Please note that usernames are not always the actual names you see by a picture.  At times the user name is actually a string of letters and numbers in the address bar when you click on a user, so be aware.

Please use your new knowledge for the powers of good.  Both of these tools allow you to restrict search results to only return Creative Commons licensed work.

I see these types of tools to used only by the teacher in preparation for digital project.   Releasing your students in to the wilds of the web to "find pictures" is not an effective use of class time.  I would personally download batches of pictures for them to pull from the day of the project.

photo credit: Malakh Kelevra via photo pin cc

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