Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Google Reader: Making me look smarter since 2005

I love Google Reader.  Personally, no other tool has contributed to my general instructional knowledge as much as Google Reader.  While I have changed the way I access that information over the years with the advent of sites like Feedly and apps like Flipboard, the bulk of what I read personally and professionally comes from my Google Reader feeds.  

I was recently updating a handout that I use to share this amazing tool with teachers and decided that others might get something out of it. I liken the process of using Google Reader to going fishing and having the fish jump directly in your boat instead of waiting around for an occasional bite.  So much is competing for the time of educators today.  Using Google Reader is one way to maximize your knowledge with a minimal time investment. 

If I could offer only one user tip to new users, it would be to mix your personal and professional feeds.  If you do not add personal content to your feed list, you will only read them at school and how many times have you had time to do that? 

An introduction to Google Reader by Lee Lefever @commoncraft

*Click the little arrow in the top right corner to view the guide full screen.

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