Friday, December 21, 2012

Stop Motion Animation in the Classroom

"Learning through play" is a concept that most of us learned about in college.  For me it was a term only talked about in elementary education and child psychology classes.   Does this concept  have applications in secondary education?  absolutely!!

I am willing to bet that EVERY child you teach has had some exposure to animation.  Be it Saturday morning cartoons or making flipbooks; animation is a foundational component of our collective conscience.

It has been my experience that students retain what they have learned better when they not only apply what they learn, but create something in the process.   The more unique the creation process, the higher the retention rate .(Be careful , the law of diminishing returns applies here as well.  PowerPoint was once novel for students, but overexposure has had quite the opposite effect).

Enter the old concept of Stop Animation, made new by the advent of 21st century technology.  The concept is so simple that very little, if any instruction is needed.

I have included in this post my latest JellyCam tutorial , which is in my option in the most simplistic, all around, stop animation solution available.  It is also available for FREE at

Claymation in Math?  Yeap.  This is a video project I did in a class period with 6th grade students.

Enjoy.  Feel free to leave comment or ask questions.

*UPDATE:  Before students begin filming it is important that they have a plan.  The storyboard is to animation what the outline is to an essay.  Free storyboard templates are only a Google search away, or you could have your student try
jellycam.pdf photo credit: citoplasmas via photopin cc


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