Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Didn't Know Google Could Do That: Advanced Search Tips and Tricks

I am a Fan Boy, I openly admit it.  Google can do nothing wrong in my eyes (Minus their decision to discontinue Reader).  This is not the case with all educators.  Some teachers and parents blame Google for the dumbing down of a generation, and they may be partly correct.  I on the other hand, I tend to be more of a pragmatist.  Surrender has its benefits, below are a few tips and tricks that could make your personal and professional life a little easier.  

*Update May 13, 2013:  Atari just celebrated Breakouts 37th birthday.   To celebrate, do a Google Image search for  “atari breakout” (no quotes) and experience a nastalgic little surprise   I am not sure how long the fun will last, so enjoy the easter egg while you can.

photo credit: Simon via pixabay

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