Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Getting Started with WeVideo

This post will serve as a quick getting started tool for teachers.  It will also be infused with a few tips and tricks that I have picked up from using this tool in the classroom with students during the past year.   For in depth tutorials, please reference the official Support Center or the WeVideo YouTube Academy.

1. It is recommended that you visit WeVideo directly at www.wevideo.com instead of using the Google Drive app.  The app experience is streamlined and therefore missing a few essential shortcut menus.

2. Click the Sign In button (no need to sign up if using a Google Account).
*Note the Support link in the image below.  That is where you can access the Support Center.

3. Click the Sign in with Google button.

4. Accept the Google authentication.

5. Click the Create New Video button.

6. The view can be changed in the upper left corner.  The default view is Timeline and that is where you want to keep it.  Students have a tendency to switch to the simplified Storyboard view.  This is not something you want to do with this particular tool.  Content can be lost in translation.  It is however, fine to switch between the two Timeline views.  

7. Click the Upload Media button to upload images, videos, or sound files.
or it does not matter.

8. Click the green Browse button under the upload from your computer option (Do this even when using a Chromebook to upload files from your Google Drive). It is HIGHLY recommended that you stay away from the import from the web option. It uses a Filepicker.io service that hangs up more often than it works.  

9. Create your video using a combination of your uploaded media and the various editing tools in the menu (see the Support Center for details on these tools)

10. The video project will automatically save as you work on it.  When it is time to finalize the video, click the Publish button.

11. By default, all of the “free” finalization options will be selected.  To upload directly to Youtube, Vimeo, or BOX, it will require a premium subscription.  You can however select the Google Drive option (for free because you signed into WeVideo with it) and your video will automatically be saved to your Drive account (as well as published to the WeVideo servers with a link and embed code to share).  Click the Publish button.

*Each account can publish 15 minutes of video per month for free.  If your students forget to click the Google Drive option before publishing and desire a hard copy of their work, they will need to make a small modification their video before they are permitted to publish the video again (WeVideo will not permit you to publish the same video twice).  By making that small edit, WeVideo will then see it as a new video and allow for an additional publish).  

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