Wednesday, October 15, 2014

HDMI to VGA adaptor for a Chromebook

I have raved about the educational attributes of the Chromebook many times before on this blog. It has very few shortcomings when it comes to classroom use.   One such shortcoming is the lack of a VGA port.  This might seem like an illogical addition to a hardware engineer when designing a device for production in 2014, but those of us in the education field know that technology sticks around for a while.  I have to assume that the lack of a VGA port was a cost saving feature.

Not all projectors have an HDMI in and there is no Mini Display/Thunderbolt port on Chromebook like there is on a Mac.    Enter the Startech Display Adaptor.  It is specifically designed to work with a Chromebook to convert the HDMI connection to VGA.  I have no idea how this Digital to Analog conversion is done in such a small package, but I assume magic is involved in some sort or fashion.

Below is a video of me testing out this nifty piece of tech.   I have no affiliation with Startech or Tiger Direct, I am just providing a public service announcement.

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