Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Listen Current - Public Radio in the Classroom

My own children HATE riding in the car with me.  It's not that I am a bad driver, it's because I listen to NPR (National Public Radio).   I am a Geek, I freely admit it, but I feel so much more informed when I am 'Tunned In."  Politics aside, public radio produces stories on a myriad of topics that are perfect for the classroom.

Enter the Edtech start up Listen Current.

Listen Current harnesses the educational power of Public Radio by organizing story topics by subject and grade level.  Each story contains the full audio segment and a list of comprehension and discussion questions. The comprehension questions are even available for quick add to Socrative via a service called Mastery Connect.  All of these features are free.  

Listen Current has a host of Premium features that include the ability to assign stories directly to students.

Why is this awesome?

1. The stories are Current and Relevant adding validity in the students' eyes.
2. They are typically short (5-10 minutes in length), perfect for short attention spans.
3. Audio triggers a typically under utilized learning modality.  Students are required to use their imagination to "picture" what is happing in the story.  This in my opinion, forms a more robust memory.

Happy listening...

photo credit: Joe Haupt via photopin cc

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